Starting a webcomic.

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Starting a webcomic.

Post by Bilou Miaou on Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:14 pm

Well, it''s not that hard to do, really. You find a webhost and you put it online. But there's way more work behind the scene than that. Every comic start with a idea. We think about it or if youère amaingly talented, we start making sketches or pages. Legend of Furhya was a very long process. Itès all star with a papier maché sculpture, i did at my boyfriend's place, like 15 years ago. I;m a big fan of Zelda Wind Waker and i try to do Link as a ferret and the Red Lion boat too. It was looking pretty good. My kids wanted to name the little character.. Couldnèt be Link, obvioulsy, so they nickname it: Ferret-Link. Then they started to ask me about his adventure, since he wasn't Link, his story must been different. So i started to tell them little tales and slowly, the story started to grow. Then the kids wanted changed his name to Ferlink! So he'll be his own hero. Pieces by pieces, sketches by sketches, i created the world of Furhya. I was happy, but not the kids. They wanted Ferlink to exist, so people could enjoy it too. I draw the first pages. At that time my anxiety disorder was at a peak and i didnèt have the self-esteem to put it out there. I was affraid to not caught any interest and to be destroy by negative comments or haters. I was so insecure that was re inking the pages. And now, i have to clean them all up, before posting them. Usually, i could color a drawing in a day. but itÈs take me a week for the 5 first pages. Now, things look better. Lots of water goes under the bridge since then. Last year, the teens (yeah, they grow up) decided to help me and encourage me. They find me a comic webhost, easy to use. My boyfriend edit my story. He hepled me fix my photoshop 7 and my scanner, by phone. He's so nice. Everything work in order and i can work on the page 7! Yeah! My son make me this forum. So far, i'm alone. But maybe someday, i'll have a member! Very Happy So far, i'm very happy. On The Duck webcomics, they have a stats tab. Seeing that around 30 people have read my comic so far, help my confidence. Even if it's only started, it"s caught a little interest! It"s more than my 10 people goal! Smile

Overall, yes, it"s a lots of work specially when you're a slow worker like me. But it's worth it. So if you to try, go for it. Life is for trying.... Smile
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